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DC-13 is a halide free, non-corrosive cleaner designed to remove soil containing radioactive material. No. It does not make that product more or less effective than the others however. The pro-weave roller would stir air into the thicker coating of NG-100 and not spread it evenly. With either product make sure to protect yourself and the surrounding surfaces from stray chemical and rinse well after the cleaning process. You must simply keep the floor wet at all times when scrubbing. Exterior Water proofer will cause the water to bead up rather than soak into the concrete. Dust can build up in small crevices in computers, in the fans and on the chips and devices inside the computers. SparCling is good for this. The complete answer is you should test fabric you are unfamiliar with in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the color won't run or the fabric won't shrink or stretch in any way. Then choosing a cleaner up to the task, such as Tough On Grease or Green Solutions Industrial, can get you back to really clean surfaces. The only stripper Spartan makes that specifically mentions that it is linoleum safe is DA-70. If you have black marks, that is when you would choose the Super Spraybuff. It would be bad to have liquid dripping down on these cables. Choose one of the cleaners below and put a little in a corner and wipe it clean and dry. Follow all label and informative bulletin directions for preparation and installation of the water based gym finish of choice whether it is the one part or two part product. Yes, Graffiti Remover SAC is safe on the following surfaces: Glazed tile, stainless steel, desk tips, fiberglass, metal, marble, chrome, aluminum, brass, glass, Formica, Lexan and porcelain. ABBCO Video Training Login. What is the difference? What do you recommend for taking care of bamboo flooring? With disinfectants, the recommendation is to use it within one year of the date of manufacture. Reach for Grub Scrub when your hand cleaning needs are extreme and you have water at hand for rinsing. What types of floors can Bounce Back be used on? How long is it good for? If the mildew stain remains after cleaning with one of these disinfectants, you may want to try a little RJ8 to bleach away the stain. To remove hard water, you will need an acid cleaner. It is in the format of MMDDY(batch). Consume LIQ and Consume POW are excellent choices to boost the bio activity in your septic system. Yes, generally, is the short answer. The activated finish has a pot life of 24 hours. The minimum and maximum temperatures you can use with Food Grade Lube is 50 degrees F. to 100 degrees F. Look for neutral pH products that won't leave a film. The floor manufacturer recommends a floor cleaner that will not create suds. You get 380 hand washes per gallon based on dispensing 10 ml per push using the Grub Scrub flat top gallon dispenser. Concrete that is outside or is inside and routinely gets wet only has two options from Spartan - these are Concrete Seal and Exterior Water proofer. Open a door, or walk through the room and the air molecules move, exchange places and bring new ones in. Customer Service. Yes, a clear coat of regular floor finish can be used over Glossy Black floor finish. Straight Seal is ready for foot traffic in an hour or two. No. Try a 6 ounce per gallon solution to start. For deeper cleaning you can step up to Shineline Multi Surface Cleaner or Green Solutions Industrial. The silicates in the product will protect the coating. You can use GS Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner, GS High Dilution Disinfectant 256, HDQ Neutral and Super HDQ Neutral. If that is the case, GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral could both be used to clean and disinfect them. No, Foamy Q & A will not damage frosted glass. Yes! Allow it to dwell for ten minutes and scrub as normal for stripping. Mix it at 1/2 ounce per gallon and mist it onto the carpet. Is there a product for use on ice cream machines for disinfecting tanks and removing milkstones? Repeat wetting the bird droppings and scooping into the trash bag until all of it is removed. After picking up cleaning solution, apply 2-3 coats of iShine for a high gloss and 2-3 coats of Millennia Bright Dura Prime for a low gloss. What does Spartan recommend to kill lice? Wash the Orange Tough 15 residue away with a mild cleaner. Choose Sign Off or BioRenewables Glass Cleaner quarts for ready to use options. As always, you should rinse the surface thoroughly with water and not let the chemical dry on the surface. Likewise, in wiping down the exterior housing of computer equipment, make sure you do not let liquid run inside the casing. Contact Us Want to reach the team at Spartan Trading the old fashioned way? Careers with ABBCO Service Corp. Training. The recommended dilution for Strategic Cleaner as a tacking solution is 1:6 when tacking a screened wood floor. Sani-T-10 is an algaecide at 1 - 50,000 dilution. The Spartan Chemical commerce portal for largest North American customers and a Product Information Management (PIM) system to begin effective syndication of their products and move off of separate databases and spreadsheets for product information. Once the gum is removed, the Orange Tough 15 should be flushed from the carpet with warm water and a white cloth, or with an extractor.

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