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You probably already have a remote employee, or have talked about it. Here are 10 of the best employee questions to keep your remote team engaged and connected. When have you felt stressed or overwhelmed in the past month? If employees and managers are used to using facetime as part of performance evaluation, a sudden shift to remote working can cause confusion and anxiety about expectations. If so, what was the experience like? (Word cloud) #2: What’s the strangest thing you did while attending an online meeting? Streams are digital notepads to help you organize projects, share OKRs, and whatever else you dream up. Ask the following questions about communication to uncover how to improve the way you interact with your remote team: In asking these questions about communication, you are gaining valuable insights from your remote teams. How are you adapting to working remotely? #1: How would you describe your level of energy these days? Collaboration apps, email, time management and … Follow-up questions you can ask to remove roadblocks for your team include: Of all the questions to ask remote employees, this might be the most paramount. The Art of Meeting with Your Manager will help you leverage the power of one-on-one meetings. It might just be that interviews with potential remote employees will be carried out over some form of video conferencing. Employee engagement 濾 If you communicate this in your plan, all employees will know times they have to be available and when they can have personal time. What can we do to improve the way we communicate company updates and decisions? Is there anything I can do to ensure you get that time to during the day to focus on your work? Is this person highly disciplined and self-motivated? As a manager, it’s really important to check-in with people on your team on an ongoing basis and ensure that they have the tools and resources they need to do their job well. Follow-on questions: Have you been able to take time for yourself, in any way? It’s natural and understandable. • What’s most challenging for you in your daily work routine? What can I do to prevent that? By compiling the answers to these questions from each team member, you can then consolidate the most frequent answers and pinpoint what you need to work on to make your team’s communications stronger than ever. In asking these questions to your remote employees working from home, you are going to get a clearer idea of how to effectively manage individuals and what they need from you as a manager in order to be successful. How … 1. Or they can choose to ask those strange interview questions that are designed to reveal the inner workings of a job seeker’s mind—but really just wind up confusing everyone. It’s good to start a meeting on a high note. Show your direct reports that you care by remembering what they said during past meetings. Stay aligned on projects, drive progress and accountability, and improve collaboration. How can I adjust things to help make that project more manageable right now? We’ve created a ready-to-run survey that does all the hard work for you. If you’re planning to survey your employees on remote working, we can help you with that. Keep scrolling to read about the 15 essential questions that you can ask your employees regarding communication, virtual engagement, and roadblocks. It’s important that each team member feels comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns they have about roadblocks they are facing while they work remotely. One of the main benefits of remote work is that it enables individuals to successfully complete their daily responsibilities without needing to commute into work every day. Here are 10 guidelines to kick off your remote work … How would you measure success in this role? Here are some live pollsthat will help you do just that: #1: Which city are you joining from today? It takes some time, trial and error to determine which means of communication is the most effective for you and which remote collaboration tools will be the most beneficial for your employees working from home. Discover more articles about employee engagement. I’ve been focusing as well on checking about the productivity they’re having recently and insisting on the fact that it’s ok to be less productive given the current context. Cultural Fit Questions. Don’t fixate merely on answers as a means to give assurance as a leader. Do I follow-up too frequently with you, not giving you space to breathe. Remote work is any work that is done outside of a traditional office environment. If you work in an office, you have a set of typical … Purpose of these questions: environmental analysis. Your job as a leader is to make every employee's … Required fields are marked *, Use our One-on-Ones Tool for this conversation ✨. Give Know Your Team a shot today. Do you feel the company supports remote staff effectively? How can we support you more? Here are 21 questions you might consider asking. 15 Questions to ask remote employees.

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