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For more information on how to select the right digital plate for your particular application, please see the Digital Plate Selection Guide. Local:   330-745-2300 Using liquid platemaking in your operation has a significant number of environmental advantages as well. UNIZ zMUD 3D Printer Rapid Resin LCD UV-Curing Photopolymer 405nm Precision Resin - Red Wax 500ml. $26.90 $ 26. To learn more, click on a product category for information on the desired product line. The digitally created design is transferred to a photo negative that is placed on top of the sheet of polymer. Dimensions: 100 x 200 mm. Simply put, a photopolymer plate is a sheet of polymer with one side that is light sensitive. Welcome to Letterpress Plates by Elum, a photopolymer plating and film output service for commercial printers, designers, and closet letterpress tinker-ers everywhere. Digital Photopolymer Plates. Home // Products // Photopolymer Printing Plates // Digital Sheet Digital sheet plates are designed to increase productivity in the platemaking process. Photopolymer Plates (13) Printing Systems (5) Stamp Making Supplies (15) Stamp Platemaking Systems (4) Search. Do this in subdued light or in a darkroom (yellow safe light). USA Atlanta, Georgia 30336 This plate, called Tilon, was based on nylon chemistry. History and Technology of Photopolymer Printing Plates Manilal Savla, Savla Associates, Manalapan, NJ, USA. A film negative is placed over the plate surface, secured with Kreene or a glass covering, and exposed to ultraviolet light. 90. Excelsior ensures proper corrugated printing by checking and proofing all jobs. Our…. From flexographic photopolymer printing plates to magnesium dies, artwork, film, and more: PlateCrafters is committed to customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services to … Digital photopolymer platemaking is a big investment. PlateCrafters Introduction PlateCrafters is Your Pre-Press Partner and has been since 1971. Solar-plates Photopolymer plates Toyobo KM95R photopolymer 0,95 mm steel backing Toyobo KM152R photopolymer 1,52 mm steel backing Toyobo KF95M photopolymer 0,95 mm.Transparent plastic backing These photopolymer plates are used in the commercial printing industrie for flexographie (printing with a flexible forme on rough surfaces). The printing plate holds the etch (image). Model : C-A2SSF / C-A3SSF / C-A4SSF / C-2430 / C-3040) Plates suitable : Label, film, paper, corrugated board, paper carton,  bag, Tetra pak etc. These high quality pad printing plates have exceptional durability and image reproduction and also have a premium price. Upload the PDF and check previews. Exposing+drying+washout+treatment. Photopolymer Flexo Printing Plate Machine Providing you the best range of flexo plate exposure unit, printing plates machinery, 2.84 mm flexo photopolymer plate making machine, corrugated printing plates making machine, light finisher for flexo plate and flexography printing plate making machine with effective & timely delivery. nyloprint Photopolymer Printing Plates, US $ 40 - 45 / Square Meter, Flexo Printing, Nylon Resin, POSITIVE.Source from Fujian Huaxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com. Our portfolio of flexographic printing plate solutions consists of photopolymer analog sheet, digital sheet, and liquid. A complete guide to the uses of photopolymer plates with step-by-step instructions. Digital sheet plates are designed to increase productivity in the platemaking process. Cut the film to size allowing a small margin all around the plate. Photopolymer plates have a light-sensitive surface on either plastic backing or metal backing. Clearance Special Offers; Counterforce Making Supplies; Imagepac Stamp Making; Negative Making Supplies; Other Machinery; Photoglazing Supplies; M-System is the most comprehensive process for liquid polymer platemaking available in the marketplace from the global leader in liquid photopolymer and technology, MacDermid. The process is clean, easy and safe. Sheet photopolymer plates have been the industry standard for high-quality flexo printing in the narrow and wide-web markets, as well as some corrugated markets. Platemaking by hand is a straightforward process. MacDermid Graphics Solutions' analog or conventional sheet photopolymer products are available for virtually any flexographic printing application and any platemaking technology. A printing plate of a city map created in photopolymer. Photopolymer is polymer (resin with many -poly parts -mer) that changes its properties when exposed to UV light. Accept. It is then exposed to light in a controlled exposing unit. Photopolymer Plates Showing 1–12 of 13 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by newness Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Then the plate is washed in water and rubbed with a soft brush (this is usually done in a dedicated washout unit, but can be done by hand too). By clicking the Accept button flexo.shop is your competent innovative assistant in production of top quality digital photopolymer plates. The Original Adana Letterpress Printing Machine Company. Take advantage of the improved workflow and quality available with digital flexo plate technology using MacDermid Printing Solutions line of digital sheet products. [21] This is often used in modern fine printing to achieve the effect of embossing (or the more subtly three-dimensional effect of letterpress printing ) from designs created on a computer without needing to engrave designs into metal or cast metal type. Set the parameters. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our experienced, professional staff of Account Managers, Graphic Designers and Plate Makers will ensure….Better imaging. © 2021 Excelsior Marking, a division of MARK-ALL ENTERPRISES, LLC, Toll Free: 800.433.3615 | Local: 330.745.2300, Plate-Mounter & Proofing Corrugated - Flyer, A Brief Overview -Advantages of Face Shields and Face Covers, Pallet Identification – Brand, Stencil and Stamp, Industrial Marking/Coding/Tagging of Products – points to consider…. MacDermid Graphics Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of round top and flat-top digital plates. how you use the MacDermid Graphics Solutions site. Alcohol Wash Green: These photopolymer pad printing plates have a thickness of .029″ and have a medium green color before and after exposure. policy to learn how to disable your cookies. Most rubber plates are made of natural or nitrile rubber of varying hardness. For Waterwash flexo Plate Making Equipment. Choosing the right plate for the job is not easy...that's why we created our Sheet Plate Selection Guide! TORELIEF ® is currently used in more than 60 countries, thousands of printing companies in all over the world. Excelsior offers premium photopolymer plates to suit Printers’ current and ever-changing needs. MacDermid Graphics Solutions is the only plate manufacturer to offer a full lineup of photopolymer products. The first photopolymer-based letterpress plate is believed to be developed by Time Inc. and used by them in 1957 for magazine printing. We are part of the elite group of DuPont Cyrel® Quality Assured Platemakers in North America who meet DuPont’s high standards for consistency and quality. Confirm the order. Photopolymer Printing Plates Excelsior offers premium photopolymer plates to suit Printers’ current and ever-changing needs. Photo polymer printing plate. Cyrel® EASY is not just a plate, it is a technology platform The EASY Platform was developed for customers who wants to process a plate in a simplified workflow, while enabling print on a wide variety of substrates, with optimum speed and high quality highlights on printed package. There are sheet plates that are specifically compatible with water, solvent, or UV inks, and there is most likely a plate that will print well on paper, poly, film, and foil. Better plates. Take advantage of our highest quality photopolymer printing plates mounted, registered and ready to hang on press. In 1960, DuPont came out with acrylic-based Dycril followed by Nyloprint by BASF in 1968. A polymer plate is type of printing plate with a photosensitive coating. Toll Free:   800-433-3615. If you do not wish to have cookies enabled please see our Privacy This website uses cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible and to better understand +1 (800) 445-4017 Thank you, your email has been added to the list. Based on one of our core technologies, polymer science, we offer you excellent photopolymer letterpress printing plates. you consent to the use of cookies. Liquid photopolymer plates have set the indust… Would you like us to develop a design concept, to make pre-pressing and/or color proofing? Exposure + Washout + Drying +Treatment (Light finishing) in complete set @C-A2SSF. The final photogravure print is a direct reflection of the quality of the inkjet printing of the plate. In addition, digital plates are reproduced consistently and quickly to help minimize make-ready-time on press in a market that demands fast turn-around and high quality. Sheet photopolymer plates are quite versatile and many different varieties have been manufactured to meet specific market needs. Our broad line of liquid…, 5210 Phillip Lee Drive Our industry leading 4800dpi Ultra-E HD imaging system combined with our innovative flexo dot screening offer printers a high quality production experience. We use proven direct to plate technology to consistently produce high quality photopolymer plates at 23 million pixels per inch for reduced dot gain, finer highlight dots and crisper line work on your printed piece. Photopolymer plate “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Fax:   330-745-2333 Photopolymers can be used to generate printing plates, which are then pressed onto paper-like metal type . Photopolymer and rubber printing plates can be used in a variety of flexographic printers; Printing plates make printing of logos and branding information easy, and can be used in combination with individual characters for changing of date codes, lot codes, heat codes, etc. Search for: Product Categories. The exposed areas harden and the rest stays soft and pliable. The plate gets inspected for any printing anomalies. Having worked with Excelsior for well over 20 years we have come to rely on them as an efficient and knowledgeable supplier and as we grow in the next few years we look forward to working with them as they grow along with us to help meet the demands of a growing industry. MacDermid Graphics Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of round top and flat-top digital plates. 3. Photopolymer printing plates made from solid materials first appeared in the late 1950’s in the USA; plates made from liquid materials appeared several years later in Japan. In the production of printing plates from solid photopolymer materials, a layer of the material 0.4–0.5 mm thick is applied to thin sheets of aluminum or steel. msavla@photopolymer.com A printing system has four independent components: a press, an image carrier, ink and paper or other substrates to carry a message. Photopolymer. First photopolymer flexo plates were made from liquid photopolymers introduced by Asahi in 1972. After the positive image is printed to plate, a brief drying period is necessary before exposure. 2. Strip off the first protective layer. 4.4 out of 5 stars 3. The image then is transferred to the substrate using a printing pad (printing tampon). Where the light hits the plate, the plate is exposed and hardened. Semiconductor Solutions - MacDermid Enthone. The photopolymer photogravure combines digital media, industrial flexographic photosensitive photopolymer printing plates and traditional age old, etching techniques. With water circulation & filtration … Refurbished & new machines, type, photopolymer kit & plates, original high definition rollers and all accessories for Letterpress printing. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Contents Introduction A New Form of Printmaking Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making Machine. +1 404.696.4565 Our portfolio of flexographic printing plate solutions consists of photopolymer analog sheet, digital sheet, and liquid. This coating changes in chemical composition when exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). Specifically, when photopolymer is exposed to UV, the exposed area hardens; allowing the unexposed area to be removed. It will accompany you when taking the following four simple and user-friendly steps: Set the printing type. Printing Plates Broad lineup including flexo plates and photopolymer letterpress plates to meet diverse needs Offering a wide range of plates, including DLE / water-washable flexo plates and photopolymer letterpress plates, to cater to various applications such as … The book includes an overview of various print media, a history of photopolymer plate and schematic for building an exposure unit. A photopolymer plates is also known as a cliché. Photopolymer printmaking is printing from photosensitive plates that have been exposed to UV light and developed using tap water, no chemicals are required. DuPont introduced the first solid flexo photopolymer plate under the trade name Cyrel in 1974. For more information on the liquid photopolymer plates that work well within your market, please see the Liquid Selection Guides below. Photopolymer. The film has a natural curl – work with the film curl side uppermost. Our industry leading 4800dpi Ultra-E HD imaging system combined with our innovative flexo dot screening offer printers a high quality production experience. The image carrier is the printing plate in traditional printing processes. We offer photopolymer plates for every application; use this document to choose your plate and contact your MGS Account Manager or local distributor for more information. Site Design and Hosting by WORX. MORE. Ideal for the pad-printing machine K-1. Printing Plates. The brush rubs away the soft unexposed material leaving b… Photopolymer plates are available in thicknesses ranging from .045 to .250. Printmaking artists like Dan Welden, have … We handle the entire plating process in-house, from the film processing to plate output, all on our top-of-the line pre-press equipment. Utilizing the Opti-Check mounting and proofing machine from E.L. Harley, Excelsior is committed to making the job easier for corrugated printers. Attach sticky tape to … KUNHEWUHUA 20X30cm Resin Stamp Making DIY Photopolymer Plate 2pcs Craft Letterpress Polymer Solid Photopolymer Plate for Printing Yellow. Mounted Plates. +1 800.348.7201. Better print. © Copyright MacDermid, Inc. All Rights Reserved. APR helps you from start to finish, ensuring your solution is efficient, optimized and well supported. Photopolymer film on aluminium plates. In stock on January 19, 2021. They are known for their ability to reproduce fine line graphics and exhibit scratch … MacDermid Graphics Solutions is the only plate manufacturer to offer a full lineup of photopolymer products. This leaves a raised image that is ideal for flexographic printing. Success of photopolymer plates revolutionized flexographic printing. Typical life of this pad printing plate is up to 75,000 impressions.

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