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All program and installer set up functions are saved on to a chip and retained in case of a power outage. I believe the lowest is about 40 degrees. Set up schedules, override the current schedule, get alerts, control the temperature from far away – it’s all here. This Honeywell Home Thermostat does NOT contain mercury. They also have thermostat models suitabl… For example, you can set first setti… Honeywell’s RTH6580WF and the Emerson Sensi are both good choices in the “budget WiFi thermostat” category. Most people really don’t require any more than this. I am almost 65 years old, but yet, they suggested I go out and buy a voltage meter to check the voltage and then call them back when it happens. With 4 Easy Questions, Decide Which Programmable Thermostat to Buy. Go to your furnace or heating system This universal thermostat has a large, easy-to-read push-button display with pre-programmed energy-saving schedule and a real time clock that keeps the time during a power failure with an option to automatically update the time for daylight savings. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you are not into changing the settings, or if you are a little nervous with the ‘programming’ thing, this one is for you. This makes it easier for you to see exactly what you are purchasing. Well, yeah I know that the RTH9585 is the more beautiful but let’s face it, compared to the Nest 3 or Ecobee4, they both look pretty ugly!. It also works with Alexa once you have enabled the Honeywell Skill. $110 is not cheap of course if you compare to other regular thermostats, however if you consider the flexibility of wifi access, this is a good deal. Connect that wire to C and check that it is connected to the 24 … Then you can change that time to whatever you want. The RTH8580 (note the first digit has changed from a 6 to an 8) is basically the same thing except with a touch screen and a higher price tag. Honeywell, one of the biggest names in thermostats, packs a great deal of value into this online, programmable, touchscreen thermostat. Here are things that I don't like, but are not enough to take a star away.-There is no battery … The A/C currently uses G, C, Y and R/Rc connections. I have 4 of these running in my home. Ended up calling Wifi Thermostat Customer Service (855-733-5465) to get it connected, and could find nothing in the User Guide or Quick Reference that was even close to what Customer Service had us do. It is great thermostat for the price. If you’ve used a programmable thermostat, then you know what to expect out of this thermostat. (4) Amazon Has Great Honeywell Rth6580Wf1001 Images and Descriptions. Highly-rated alternatives to our best selling smart thermostats. Some users find installation instructions not very clear, especially installing the C wire, and setting up the WIFI. From the manufacturer: Heat/cool: Gas, oil, or electric heating with central air conditioning; Heat pump without backup or auxiliary heat If you don’t have a C-wire but you do have heating and cooling, go with the Sensi for the least amount of installation hassle. Series 4000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement- Tested Models TH4210D & TH4110D. I love the way I can change the temperature settings from anywhere on my phone now. All program and installer set up functions are saved on to a chip and retained in case of a power outage. The Total Connect Comfort app does all of the following: (List taken from Honeywell’s own support site). It does lack a bit of the stylishness of some of the more expensive models, but it does has many of the features that they have. The thermostat gets its power from the 24V wire (usually red), and the presence of the C-wire keeps that power continuous. If the comments on this site indication, a lot of homes lack the so-called “common wire”. Read online Honeywell RTH6580WF User’s Manual pdf with better navigation.Printable and downloadable Honeywell RTH6580WF user guide pdf. It's always easy to do, involving little more than pulling the cover plate off the wall or opening a battery compartment on the side of the unit. Personally, I think your phone is enough touch screen, so you can save a few bucks and just get the RTH6580WF instead of spending more for a touch screen. Honeywell’s website has a step-by-step assessment you can do yourself to determine if the RTH6580WF is compatible with your home’s HVAC system. Install a Nest thermostat at your own risk, Best WiFi-enabled Smart Thermostats of 2018 – Holiday Buyers Guide, Crunching the numbers: 3rd-party projects and alternative ways to analyze your Ecobee or Nest data, 6 reasons you might NOT save a bundle with a smart thermostat, Monitor and control your heating/cooling system over the internet using a computer, smartphone or tablet, View and change heating/cooling system settings, Access multiple thermostats — if system is zoned, Access multiple locations — if more than one system is connected, Heat/cool: Gas, oil, or electric heating with central air conditioning, Heat pump without backup or auxiliary heat, Heat only with fan: Gas, oil, or electric heat without central air conditioning, Heat only (no fan): Gas, oil, or hot water heat without central air conditioning, Heat pump: Heat pump with backup or auxiliary heating, Heat/Cool Multiple stages: 2 heat stages, 2 cooling stages, Heat/Cool Multiple stages: 2 heat stages, 1 cooling stage, Heat/Cool Multiple stages: 1 heat stage, 2 cooling stages. // ]]> [expand title="If you think you can install the thermostat yourself, here is the video to help your Honeywell RTH6580WF installation" alt="here is the installation video to help your Honeywell RTH6580WF installation"]. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL, IF YOU DON’T HAVE ALL THE REQUIRED WIRES IN YOUR EXISTING THERMOSTAT. It gives you the ability to monitor and control your heat and AC from anywhere, and offers a lot of scheduling options. The instructions were extremely lacking when it came to connecting the unit to our wifi network. The app is called “Total Comfort Connect” and it’s available for free (just search your device’s app store). Your email address will not be published. does the RTH 6580 WF thermostate lose its settings if the power goes out?? The first is line voltage systems such as baseboard electric heat… If you’re not in the mood to spend upwards of $250 but you still want those sweet WiFi features, the RTH6580 is a great choice. Here is the most useful reviews for Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7 Day Programmable Thermostat, compiled from different online stores’ websites. HIRING A PROFESSIONAL FOR THIS INSTALLATION MAY COST YOU SOME $ NOW, BUT ATTACHING A WRONG WIRE TO A WRONG PLACE MAY COST YOU MUCH MUCH MORE DOWN THE ROAD… JUST BE CAREFUL ! Honeywell’s own version of this questionnaire includes photos and instructions on how to contact them if you need additional help. Amazon does all of this quite well. You may need to use a wire stripper to expose at least 1/4 inch of wire. Find answers now! It's easy to get started with the Quick Start Guide. The on-unit display shows the current temperature and WiFi status. // ]]> If you are planning to buy a wifi thermostat and that’s why thinking that you need to pay $180+, I have good news for you; the Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi Thermostat costs only about 110 USD (to be exact; as of January 13th – it is $114.99 at Amazon). 1 Questions & Answers Place. So in the meantime, until I can order a replacement and install it I am without A/C. This thermostat has almost all the features as his other competing products (Nest, Venstar T5800 etc.) The battery is under the faceplate. //

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